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As an internationally recognised testing and certification organisation based in Sheridan, WY, we certify your business concept, people and products.

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ITC - Your Testing & Certification Services

As an internationally represented certification organization INTERNATIONAL TESTING & CERTIFICATION LLC, we carry out worldwide testing, certification and observation services. For us, the principles and values such as independence, objectivity and close trust with our clients play a crucial and essential role. These regular assessments thus contribute to ensuring that we always deliver a high standard of quality and safety in accordance with our values and principles. Through consistent further development, we are able to create real added value for our clients by creating real and applicable solutions for your company by means of specially trained personnel and corresponding company concepts.

Certification Processes

The certification company provides an audit management system (UPR.02 certification procedure) to third parties…

System Certifications

The certification company offers you a variety of certification options in a wide variety of areas of impact for your company…

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If you cannot find the certificate you are looking for, please contact us by phone or e-mail…

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How We Work

Our Certification Processes


The certification company always guarantees you a professional and efficien implementation of your company audit including the duration of the audit in accordance with specified regulations. We would be pleased to exülain the corresponding necessities and requriements of the system recommended by us in detail during a first contact.


The certification company provides an audit management system (UPR.02 certification procedure) to third parties. In order to meet the needs and expectations of the client, clear, efficient and professional certification processes are implemented, which are defined in the following information


Our process from pre-audit through stage audits to surveillance/ & recertification audits are characterized by professional and efficient methods and deliver the highest quality

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